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COSHH Cabinets

COSHH cabinets will help you store hazardous materials safely and securely in the workplace.

At The Safety Storage Centre, we supply a comprehensive range of COSHH cabinets for the safe storage and segregation of substances that are labelled as being hazardous to health, typically classified as flammable, corrosive, toxic or irritant. Specialist cabinets are also available for more extreme hazardous materials e.g. highly flammable liquids (HFL's), corrosive and toxic substances.

The requirement for COSHH cabinets will depend on the findings of mandatory risk assessments to be carried out by employers under the provisions of the current HSE and COSHH legislation to identify and minimise potential risks in the workplace to health and the environment.

Why choose COSHH cabinets?

COSHH regulations are in place to keep your workers safe and healthy. Even when the most stringent safety protocols are in place, proper storage of hazardous materials is vital to prevent harmful exposure.

Certified COSHH cabinets are suitable for the storage of an extensive range of substances that may be hazardous to health, including cleaning or chemical agents but there are some exceptions, so it is important to choose the safety storage equipment that is right for your situation and stored substances. Ensure you have reviewed your COSHH cabinet requirements under HSE recommendations for your workplace.

These COSHH cabinets provide excellent safe storage to meet COSHH regulations at affordable prices.

We supply a variety of cost effective COSHH cabinet products, including standard COSHH cabinets, premium COSHH cabinets, wall mounted COSHH cabinets, Probe COSHH cabinets, standard mobile COSHH cabinets and premium mobile COSHH cabinets. Each of these options is available in a range of sizes.

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Quality Standard Mobile COSHH Cabinets, designed to meet or exceed COSHH legislation governing the control of substances hazardous to health in the workplace. Available in two sizes, each fitted with four point castor wheels for improved mobility.

Price: £386.68 to £421.87 inc VAT (£322.23 to £351.56 ex VAT) Click to View Details.

Premium Mobile COSHH Cabinets for the safe storage, segregation and transportation of substances that are labelled as being hazardous to health, typically Toxic or Irritant. These COSHH storage cabinets comply with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR), Paragraphs 94-96, along with appendices A & B and Paragraph 104 in the DSEAR ACoP L136 together with the factory Inspectorates Certificate of Approval No. 1 parts 3 and 4.

Price: £394.20 to £422.83 inc VAT (£328.50 to £352.36 ex VAT) Click to View Details.

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