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Auto Ignition Temperature

Auto Ignition Temperature
The Auto-Ignition Temperature - or the minimum temperature required to ignite a gas or vapor in air without a spark or flame being present - are indicated for some common fuels below:

Flammable Substance Temp (Deg C) Temp (Deg F)
Acetaldehyde 175 347
Acetone 465 869
Acetylene 305 581
Anthracite - glow point 600 1112
Benzene 560 1040
Bituminous coal 454 850
Butane 420 788
Carbon 700 1292
Carbon - bi sulfide 149 300
Carbon monoxide 609 1128
Charcoal 349 660
Coal-tar oil 580 1076
Coke 700 1292
Cyclohexane 245 473
Diethyl ether 160 320
Ethane 515 859
Ethylene 490 914
Ehtyl Alcohol 365 689
Fuel Oil No.1 210 410
Fuel Oil No.2  256 494
Fuel Oil No.4 262 505
Heavy hydrocarbons 750 1382
Hydrogen 500 932
Gas oil 336 637
Gasoline 280 536
Gun Cotton 221 430
Kerosene 295 563
Isobutane 462 864
Isopentane 420 788
Isopropyl Alcohol 399 750
Light gas 600 1112
Light hydrocarbons 650 1202
Lignite - glow point 562 979
Methane (Natural Gas)  580 1076
Methyl Alcohol 385 725
Naphtha 550 1022
Neohexane 425 797
Neopentane 450 842
Nitro-glycerine  254 490
n-Butane 405 761
n-Heptane 215 419
n-Hexane 225 437
n-Octane 220 428
n-Pentane 260 500
n-Pentene 298 569
Oak Wood - dry 482 900
Peat 227 400
Petroleum 400 752
Pine Wood - dry 427 800
Phosphorous, amorphous 260 500
Phospho's, transparent 49 120
Propane 480 842
Propylene 458 856
p-Xylene 530 986
Rifle Powder 288 550
Toluene  530 986
Semi anthracite coal 400 752
Semi bituminous coal 527 980
Styrene 490 914
Sulphur 243 470
Wood 300 572
Xylene 463 867

The flammable (explosive) range is the range of a gas or vapor concentration that will burn or explode if an ignition source is introduced. Limiting concentrations are commonly called the lower explosive or flammable limit (LEL/LFL) and the upper explosive or flammable limit (UEL/UFL).

Below the explosive or flammable limit the mixture is too lean (diluted) to burn. Above the upper explosive or flammable limit the mixture is too rich (saturated) to burn. The Auto-Ignition Temperature is not the same as Flash Point - The Flash Point indicates how easy a chemical may burn.



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