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Safe for Longer

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“Safe for Longer” is an incentive from Burton Safes to give you peace of mind in the unlikely event of problems with your safe. It gives UK customers (non-commercial) a 5 year warranty on a wide variety of safes, instead of the standard 2 years. “Safe for Longer” also provides FREE replacements on safes that are still within their warranty and have been compromised in a burglary or, in some cases, fire and is unable to be repaired.

When purchasing a Burton Safe, look out for the following stamps. This indicates that they are in the “Safe for Longer” incentive.

Safe for Longer Stamps

When you purchase your safe, make sure that you register it and if you want to claim you need to make sure that you have a crime reference number to provide so the deal can be honoured. All claims are subject to T’s & C’s. (ask us for more information if needed).

Green Stamp Free Replacement in the Event of Burglary – Home Series (within 5 years)
Black Stamp 5 Year Domestic Consumer Warranty
Blue Stamp Free Replacement in the Event of Burglary or Fire – Home Series (within 5 years)

If you would like to discuss this any further, please call us on 01724 281044.

The Many Ways to Use Wire Mesh Lockers

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Wire Mesh Lockers have a large variety of models to choose from. This range goes from single door lockers to multi compartment lockers with 40 doors. They are made with welded mesh on a rod frame and are strong and robust, making them ideal for the workplace and in homes.

‘Wire’ they great for the workplace?

In large workplaces a lot of the workers will have a set uniform they need to wear, and wire mesh lockers provide a secure way to store clothing and personal belongings.

Due to their open nature they allow for clothing which has a strong smell to properly ventilate and will help stop the smell sticking around for longer than it needs to. This makes Wire Mesh Lockers great for industrial workplaces and factories to stop oil, gas or food smells from lingering. To make the storing of clothing easier, some sizes come with a hat shelf and coat hook or rail.

Large multi compartment Wire Mesh Lockers are great for industrial workplaces but can also be of benefit to other workplaces. Schools are a great example of this. In schools they would be ideal to allow students a safe place to store their school clothes and coats while having visibility of the locker contents. Sometimes visibility of contents can be a key feature for different workplaces and employers.

Wire Mesh Lockers are secure as they come with a hasp and staple locking configuration. All you need is a padlock to ensure your security.

Wire Mesh Locker title

Use in the home

When it comes to storage in the home people like to get creative. Due to their build and sturdiness, Wire Mesh Lockers can provide that unique look in your home! You can use them for storing coats and jackets in the hallway or even storing shoes.

With industrial styles of décor being the latest trend, we are seeing a strong demand for this product to fit into that design scheme. Trendy, industrial style shop fit-outs is another area showing a growing interest in these lockers.

With Wire Mesh Lockers you can also use them as shelving in a room to store pictures, books and other bits and bobs.

If you would like to discuss our Wire Mesh Lockers any further do not hesitate to call us on 01724 281044 or chat to our friendly customer service team on Live Chat.

Discover the Quality of the asecos Fireproof Cabinet Range

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Asecos cabinets are high quality hazardous material storage cabinets, for storing flammable liquids and gas bottles. They are made with fire resistant materials and some cabinets have up to 90 minutes of fire resistance.

Within our range of cabinets, we have the UB, Q and G models. The UB model is an under bench model, which fits under fume cupboards. The Q model are larger cabinets which allow for storage of flammable substances and can be purchased with a sump to contain any leaks. Finally, the G model is made for storing gas cylinders.

Our UB and Q ranges of products all meet the EN 14470-1 guidelines for storing flammable substances and the G range is designed with EN 14470-2 in mind, which is the guideline for storing flammable gases. Our Q-Classic products comply with NPFA code 30, NPFA 1 Fire code and OSHA.

Asecos cabinets have a range of approvals showing their quality. One of these is the document EK5/AK4 09-10, which is a test principle for the Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS mark) which is a certification mark for technical equipment that meets German and European requirements. In our range of cabinets, the following have been met by GS Testing – EN 11470-1, EN 14727, EK5/AK4 09-10, ProdSG. Some of our cabinets are also approved to FM Standard 6050 and UL 1275.

EN 14727 is a European Standard for laboratory furniture. EN 14727 tests for the strength and durability of the product and prevention of injury from normal usage. The asecos range of cabinets allow for 50,000 wear free opening and closing. As well as this, some products have an arrest system with automatic door closing, which will assist in the safe removal of stored items.

We have a wide range of products that vary in size, approvals and functionality. On most there is an opportunity to change the colour of your cabinet to fit in with your workplace and there are multiple variants within ranges too, so you can get the best cabinet for you!

See a few of them below. Call us on 01724 281044 if you would like to discuss them or others in our range any further.

NameApprovalsAvailable Sizes
asecos Q-Classic 90
Minute Fireproof

  • GS-Tested

  • EN 14470-1 (90 mins)

  • EN 14727

  • EK5/AK4 09-10

  • ProdSG

  • FM 6050

  • NFPA Code 30

  • NFPA 1 Fire Code

  • OSHA
  • H1953 x W1193 x D615mm

    H1953 x W893 x D615mm

    H1953 x W599 x D615mm
    asecos Q-Classic 30
    Minute Fireproof

  • GS-Tested

  • EN 14470-1 (30 mins)

  • EN 14727

  • EK5/AK4 09-10

  • ProdSG

  • FM 6050

  • NFPA Code 30

  • NFPA 1 Fire Code

  • OSHA
  • H1947 x W1164 x D620mm

    H1947 x W864 x D620mm

    H1947 x W564 x D620mm
    asecos G-Ultimate 90
    Minute Fireproof
    Gas Cylinder

  • EN 14470-2 (90 minutes)

  • GS-tested

  • EN14470-1

  • EN 14727

  • EK5/AK4 09-10

  • ProdSG
  • H2050 x W598 x D615mm

    H2050 x W898 x D615mm

    H2050 x W1198 x D615mm

    H2050 x W1398 x D615mm

    JCQ Exam Cabinets

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    The JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) have regulations in place for secure storage of exam papers for GCSE, A Levels, Scottish Highers and vocational qualifications in schools, colleges and universities. When it comes to storing exam papers, centres must make sure they follow all guidelines set by the JCQ.

    Exam papers must be stored securely in a room within a centre’s campus, there is a preference for this room to be on an upper floor with no windows or limited windows which must have bars fitted. Doors must also have a secure locking system with 2 to 4 people having access.

    The JCQ’s requirement is ‘a box within a box’, so in a centre’s secure room there needs to be space for storage such as a strong non-portable safe, non-portable security cabinet with multi-point locking system or metal cabinet with full length external locking bar, bolted to a wall or the floor. As with access to the secure room only 2-4 people can access the storage where exam papers are kept.

    Here at Safety Storage Centre we have multiple choices on offer for fire resistant document cabinets, most of which are perfect for any establishment needing to follow the JCQ guidelines. The cabinets we have available vary in size, fire rating and price. But whichever you purchase from the list below will be great at keeping your exam papers safe before and after the exams have taken place.

    See below how they compare. If you are interested in looking further into a model, click through to the website by clicking the link. Alternatively give one of our friendly sales team a call on 01724 281044 and they will help you find the cabinet that is best for you.





    Fire Ranger


    Most commonly stolen household possessions

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    The motivation of the average burglar is easy enough to understand. They target your home because they want to strip it of all the valuables they can. When it comes to protecting the home, a good way to do that is to identify what, exactly, they’re after and how you can ensure they don’t get their hands on it.

    Most burglars take advantage of an opportunity for theft when they see it. A door left open, a bike left in plain sight, a clear unsecure window, these are the opportunities they’re looking for. During these impromptu robberies, it’s the easiest-to-grab items they will take. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly stolen items and what you can do to protect them.


    Small, easily concealed, and very easy to pick up and run, a smartphone left lying unattended will be one of the very first things a burglar takes on entering a home. Nowadays, smartphones come with features that can help you stop unauthorised access. For instance, linking it to a Google account can help you not only track the phone, but find its location so that you can alert the authorities.

    Mobile computing devices

    Many mobile computing devices, including tablets and laptops, come with similar features and software you can install that allows you to track it. There are also small devices that can be attached to your electronics that can cause an alarm when they are disturbed or act as a GPS tracker. If you have a decent sized home safe, you can also keep those devices locked away when they’re not in use.

    Home entertainment

    Our home entertainment systems are getting more sophisticated and, as a result, much more valuable. Your 4K 3D HD television, game consoles, and surround sound systems are light, very portable, and extremely easy to sell. You can secure things like TVs just as you would secure your bike. Using a heavy-duty chain and access caps, you can lock it to the wall mount or display stand so that it can’t simply be lifted. What’s more, those asset protection devices can be attached to all of your electronics, triggering a security system, if the devices are moved without the right authorisation steps being taken ahead of time. For smaller home entertainment devices such as VR headsets or game console accessories, home safes can provide complete protection.


    Cash and jewellery

    Many people still keep cash savings in the home, whether it’s the Christmas piggy bank or your more substantial emergency fund. Jewellery is just as commonly found in the average household and can be just as valuable. Jewellery boxes, even those with locks and hidden compartments, are no match for a dedicated thief who will simply take it with them. The only effective protection on the market is bolted down home safes that are too heavy to easily transport and well secured against invasion.


    In the UK, a bicycle is stolen approximately every minute. Since they can simply be ridden or wheeled away, they make not only the perfect portable steal but also a getaway vehicle. An expensive bicycle can be sold at an easy profit on online marketplaces. Registering your bicycle number and Radio Frequency Identification tagging can help the authorities recognise a stolen bike much more easily. However, investing in a premium quality D-Lock is still the most effective way to protect it. It acts not only as a preventative measure but also as effective deterrence.

    Prevent burglars from targeting your home

    There are three steps to effective home protection against burglary. Denying them the opportunity, deterring theft, and alerting you and the authorities. CCTV cameras are expensive, but they work in all three manners, as they are highly visible, showing that your home is protected. However, it can be just as effective to reinforce entryways and not leaving doors and windows wide open if you’re not in the home and fully aware of the surroundings. Buying heavy-duty locks for the doors and installing secure windows can stop them from easily accessing the home on a whim. If you can, invest in a home security system with an alarm that can contact you and the emergency services if it’s triggered.

    If you want to make sure your home is safe, you have to do what you can to prevent burglars from entering the home and also from taking what they can if they do get in. Cash safes from Safety Storage Centre can play a key role in doing just that.

    Why Physical Security Storage will Remain as Vital as Cyber Security

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    We live in a digital age, which means that every move we make in both our professional lives and our personal lives is powered with technology. We want smart phones, smart TVs, smart houses and even smarter workplaces. We want automation and regeneration and we want to avoid stagnation, so we push forward with our upgrades and developments and innovation to get there. All of this pressure towards a smarter world has meant that we now live in a time where we are constantly on watch for being hacked into. Our businesses are on cyber lockdown and we buy into as much online and cyber security as we possibly can. The problem? All of our cyber efforts are making us forget about budgeting for physical security.

    The threats for your physical security are varied. Some are internally within your business and others come from external forces. Some are acts of nature and climate-related disasters, while others are man-made. As a company that imparts logic into every detail of their business, you should be protecting your physical assets. This can include things like laptop security cabinets in the office so that the vital hardware you’ve invested in can be as safe as possible. It can also mean ensuring that you have invested in fireproof filing cabinets. Many businesses still do use paperwork to keep their records, but it’s no good to you if it gets destroyed because of an act of nature.

    Fireproof Filing CabinetsLaptop Security Cabinets

    Mitigating Physical Threats

    Not every physical threat is easily mitigated. For example, you can provide every feasible physical security measure for your business, but if a fire starts up none of that will matter. You could also spend every pound you have and still be exposed to threats. However, as a business professional, you need to ensure that you are investing in physical security storage as well as cyber security. Here are some of the ways that you can add some control to your working environment:

    • Ensure that your site layout is secure with fencing and cameras. A low-profile design can help with this, including a lower visibility and fewer access points. Physically securing remote access points is also important, because hacking is still a real threat.
    • Your business access controls could be controlled with swipe cards and key fobs, with no other way in and out without these tools. You can put people onto a reception desk to issue visitor badges and ensure that all visitors sign into the premises upon entry and sign out on exit, which helps you to keep track of things.
    • Hiring physical security guards for your premises to detect threats and protect you from them. Secondary security equipment is always going to help your business, and motion detectors should be considered.
    • Employing as much elemental protection as possible – especially in areas at risk of flooding and fires.

    Start with identifying the vulnerabilities in your business and move forward from there. Once you know your physical security weaknesses, you can turn them into strengths.

    Three reasons you need a safe with deposit slot

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    There are a wide range of safes available to purchase, but not each type will suit your requirements. With data safes, deposit safes, and fireproof safes to choose from, you need to assess your situation and work out which safe will do the job! If you work in retail or high-control environments, here are three reasons you need a safe with deposit slot.

    1) Security

    Deposit safes make use of a deposit slot, which allows you to deposit valuable items and money without ever opening the safe. This is great for security as employees can deposit goods into the safe, but at no point have the opportunity to withdraw from it. Only the key holder will have access to the contents, but it’s completely open for a deposit from anybody with access to the safe itself.

    Imagine a deposit safe in the retail industry. You have a high turnover of cash, and tills need emptying into a safe. Instead of exposing the ever-growing pile of money sitting inside the safe, employees simply feed the money through the deposit slot. It’s the most secure safe in this scenario.

    2) Convenience

    A safe with deposit slot provides the utmost convenience when you deposit more than you withdraw. All you have to do is approach the safe and make use of the deposit slot!

    If you didn’t have a safe with deposit slot, each employee who uses the safe would need a key providing – which comes with a whole host of risks. Keys can be lost, there may be untrustworthy people, and there’s an additional cost of getting keys cut. All-in-all, deposit safes are the best solution for retail, shops and other high-control environments.

    3) Versatility

    Whereas a home safe is, unsurprisingly, perfectly suited to your home – deposit safes are surprisingly versatile. While they’re ideal for retail scenarios, deposit safes can easily be used at home, in your business, and some can even be fitted in vehicles.

    Vehicle deposit safes are specialist models that are ideal for use in vans and lorries on delivery rounds. They use base plates to attach to the vehicle, ensuring the safe cannot be moved without a key. The safe can be removed from the base plate while still restricting access to the contents, meaning cash is always safe – even in transit.

    Hopefully now you understand the benefits of choosing a safe with deposit slot. We stock a bunch of secure deposit safes from the most trustworthy brands in the market! If you need any more information then give our friendly sales team a call on 01724 281044.

    BBQ Gas Bottle Storage is vital this summer

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    In recent years, gas has taken over charcoal as the most popular method of barbecuing. This poses a couple of questions: Which barbecue gas do I use? And how do I store it safely? Fortunately, Safety Storage Centre are here to make things nice and simple for you, as we explain why BBQ gas bottle storage is vital this summer.

    With temperatures climbing over 30C this summer so far, there’s no wonder families will be having 9 barbecues this year (on average). But with the rise of gas-based barbecues comes a set of relatively unaddressed safety hazards.

    Firstly, let’s address the two types of barbecue gas that can be used. There’s butane, which was the more common of the two until recent years, and then there’s propane. Butane is stored in blue gas bottles, while propane is kept in red gas bottles – most barbecues are fitted with a red propane regulator as standard these days.

    Regardless of which gas you need for your barbecue, storing gas bottles can result in injury or property damage when not done correctly and safely. It goes without saying that these high-pressured gas cylinders are a ticking time-bomb when mistreated and they could cause serious damage, so it’s imperative that storage is taken seriously.

    BBQ Gas Bottle Storage is vital this summer

    You should make sure gas bottles are always:

    – Stood upright in storage
    – Kept well-ventilated when stored
    – Kept away from heat and ignition sources
    – Stored outdoors and away from entry/exit points of buildings and drains
    – Kept secure with controlled access

    Want more tips for storing gas bottles correctly? Read Storing gas bottles: The basics

    You should make sure gas bottles are never:

    – Stored below ground level
    – Stored in places where gas is prohibited
    – Stored near corrosive or toxic materials

    Our range of Gas Bottle Storage Cages are built for outdoor use, keeping gas bottles well ventilated and protected from unapproved access. Each cage is manufactured in the UK and can store from 3 to 30 gas bottles at any one time.

    Are you ready to store your BBQ gas bottles safely? Our Gas Bottle Storage Cages are delivered QUICKLY and FREE to UK addresses! Let’s stay safe this summer.

    12 quick tips about gas bottle storage

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    It may well be a daily occurrence in Cambodia, where small motor cycles are commonly used for deliveries – but the way these two young men are transporting gas bottles leaves a lot to be desired. Perhaps familiarity breeds contempt? We highlight a case that underlines just that point, and explain how to go about safe storage of gas bottles.

    When the site security man did a random check on a passing pickup truck he found that two acetylene gas cylinders had been casually tossed into the back, and were rolling around unrestrained.

    The driver of the truck, and whoever had loaded it, was clearly playing with fire, oblivious of the potential for destruction offered by out-of-control gas cylinders on the move on their own.

    The ‘casual’ loading of the cylinders was perhaps a reflection on how safe correct storage of gas bottles is; given the number of gas bottles stored by companies around the UK, it’s rare that we hear of incidents involving them.

    And that’s precisely why it’s well worth highlighting the right way to store gas bottles; advice the young men in our picture would do well to heed. And these are our top 12 quick tips to help you do it properly and safely.

    1. Keep them upright: Gas bottles should always be upright, and fixed so they can’t fall over. The exception to that rule is applications in which they’re designed to be horizontal, of which bottles on gas-powered fork-lift trucks are the obvious example.

    2. Keep them outdoors wherever possible: Any leaks will be neutralised by the good ventilation. If they have to be indoors, they’ll need to be behind a wall with at least 30 minutes fire resistance, and be alive to a host of other restrictions.

    3. Store them in a cool dry place:
    A shower of rain won’t harm them, but safe storage of gas bottles involves making sure they don’t stand in water. That can encourage corrosion, and damage the integrity of the bottles themselves, ultimately allowing the contents to escape. Make sure the base on which they stand is free draining. Equally, excessive heat can lead to explosion and fire, and the sun can be strong enough to cause problems, even in the UK. Make sure the bottles are shaded from the worst of the sun. Shade from buildings is effective, so long as creating that doesn’t cause other issues.

    Gas Bottle Storage

    4. Tie them up: Gas bottles can be tall relative to the width of their bases, and they’re all heavy, making them vulnerable to being tipped up when knocked. The weight means they’re not straightforward to handle, so removing one from a store could touch others, and cause them to fall. Better to have them tied up securely to prevent that from happening.

    5. Not too near the fence: No gas bottles should be stored within a metre of a boundary, but that’s a minimum distance. The larger the collection of bottles to be stored, the further the collection will need to be from the boundary.

    6. Don’t overstock: Quite apart from tying up valuable finance, storing too much gas creates an unnecessary hazard for your company, its employees and visitors. Keep just what you need and no more. Reputable suppliers will be able to replenish stocks quite quickly.

    7. Don’t tempt fate: Safe storage of gas bottles involves keeping them away from combustible materials, such as stocks of timber, vehicle fuel tanks, or waste skips. Good housekeeping would suggest that regular rubbish disposal is a responsible way to operate a business anyway, and storing gas bottles near timber, diesel, or anything else that can burn is just, well, adding fuel to any fire that might break out.

    8. Out of harm’s way: Store gas bottles away from heavy traffic areas. Delivery vehicles or your company’s own vans and fork trucks and their loading and unloading activities could easily knock them over, breaking valves and allowing gas to escape, for instance. Remember Murphy’s Law; if something can go wrong, it will. Far better to make sure, through proper planning, that it can’t go wrong in the first place. Keep them away from pedestrian entrances, and from drains. Leaking gas could ‘run’ into a drain, and ultimately lead to explosion.

    9. Don’t go underground: This is the same thought as gas escaping from undetected leaks finding its way into drains. Heavier-than-air gas can settle in enclosed underground spaces – the bilges of boats, especially pleasure cruisers, are the classic example.

    10. Manage stock: Store full and empty cylinders separately (having discrete gas bottle storage cages helps with that), and rotate stock so the oldest cylinders are the first ones to be used.

    11. Keep them apart: It’s good practice to keep cylinders of different kinds of gases in separate stores. Not only are they not good mixers with each other, but it reduces the risk of the wrong type of gas being used for any particular application. Human error causes accidents!

    12. Get a gas bottle storage cage: A model from our range of stoutly-made gas bottle storage cages will cover a number of bases for safe storage of gas bottles. Made from robust welded mesh and powder coated, these UK-made cages come in a variety of sizes, capable of storing up to 30 bottles. They can even be supplied in a galvanised finish, should you require it. To boost their security, they are drilled for bolting to the floor, but for ease of delivery and moving through your site, they’re flat-packed, but come with all the necessary fittings for easy assembly. All the sizes and specifications are shown on the page at the link above – and all come with free UK delivery.

    Picture: 1000 words | Dreamstime

    Storing gas bottles: The basics

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    Storing gas bottles can seem daunting but it needn’t be with Safety Storage Centre’s fantastic new range of gas bottle storage cages. Read on for a full introduction of our range!

    Gas bottles can be dangerous and tend to be rather heavy but if you follow a few basics then you can’t go too far wrong:

    • Store the gas bottles outside… Whilst there can be some exceptions to this, storing gas bottles outside is the safe course of action in the majority of circumstances;
    • Keep the gas bottles securely locked away… This is crucial to prevent thieves and vandals tampering with the dangerous bottles;
    • But don’t lock away in an enclosed cabinet… Ventilation is key with gas bottles. The storage facility should be secure, locked but allow good ventilation;
    • Whatever you do, don’t store near something that could cause ignition… Think about nearby heat sources, volatile chemicals or flammable materials and keep your gas bottles well away from those; and
    • Take advice if you have different types of gas bottles… For instance LPG should not be stored near to other gas cylinders.

    Storing Gas Bottles

    Gas bottle storage cages: The solution

    To deal with the first three bullet points listed above, our gas bottle storage cages are the perfect design solution! They allow for outdoors storage, with a secure locking facility as well as providing ample ventilation for the gas bottles stored within. Storing gas bottles couldn’t possibly be made easier…

    The cages are a top quality product and they are manufactured right here in the UK. They are made of powder coated steel and come with a hasp and staple design allowing you to fit your own padlock to provide the security that is needed. Or, if you need a padlock too, then visit our sister website Ultra Security Centre for a huge range to choose from.

    The gas bottle storage cages come in a huge range of sizes depending on the nature and quantity of the bottles that you wish to store and there are various colour options too. If you want a bespoke design and size or if you want to upgrade to a galvanised finish then we can accommodate this too, you would just need to call us with your requirements.

    Winter is coming: Get yours now!

    Gas bottles are such an essential product to many people and companies. They can provide heating, cooking or be essential to commercial and industrial operations. Importantly, usage of gas bottles goes up hugely in the winter months. With the air turning a little cooler, and the end of September fast approaching, now is the best time to get your hands on one of our gas bottle storage cages.

    Visit Safety Storage Centre or call us on 01724 281044.


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