Reasons for bolting down a safe

There’s no secret about the fact that at Safety Storage Centre we pride ourselves on providing high security. In fact we live and breathe it, and part of that involves keeping an eye on security trends around the world – to help you make your home and business more secure.

The latest trend we’ve spotted is safe-stealing. And there’s hardly a week goes by when we don’t read about someone becoming a victim of crime not only because they’ve been robbed, but because audacious thieves have made off with a safe AS WELL as its contents.

Stealing a Safe


The most audacious theft – and there have been many – came to light when the owner of a safe was called by police to say his safe had been found 15 miles from where it should have been. What makes this theft particularly alarming was that the safe weighed 500kg, and had been, the last time he saw it, behind a locked door in a self-storage unit.

The self-storage facility had an electric fence around it. Can’t fault that. It had a monitored CCTV system. Can’t fault that either. There was a lock on the unit door. You’d expect that in a self-storage facility.

The chink in the armour was that the safe wasn’t bolted down. Remember, this safe weighed 500kg, and its contents would have made it weigh even more. But that would have been of little consequence to anyone with enough determination to get past an electric fence, CCTV and a locked door. The right kind of bolts used to fasten this safe to the ground would very probably have beaten the thieves, and the owner would still have had his property.

But here’s why you might be wasting your money by buying a safe: if a thief can pick it up and take it away, your valuables might as well not be in a safe at all, because that’s the last thing they’ll be – safe. Remember the cautionary tale of this victim involved a 500kg safe. Anything smaller will be easier to steal.

To make a safe really safe, bolt it down.