Choosing a post box – How the dog made a post or mail box vital

Ordinarily as daft as a brush, and about as aggressive, the pooch had one blind spot. He didn’t like post coming in through the letterbox, and since he was quicker off the mark than my friend, he always won the race to the front door when the post arrived. Normally it wasn’t a problem, (if you don’t count a few teeth marks in the bills) because that was all that came through the letterbox, which was equipped with those brush arrangements to keep the draughts out.

Post BoxIn the dog’s defence, the postie was in the house when my friend’s dog bit her. Or, at any rate, the part of her the dog bit was in the house. It was a nip on the end of a finger, and he was a medium-sized dog with powerful jaws.

However, on this particular day, one of the letters was flimsy, and required an extra push to get it past the bristles. And that’s when the trouble started. To be fair, the post lady was very good about it, in spite of wearing a bandage for a few days. She knew the dog, and was gracious enough to accept profuse apologies and a bunch of flowers.

But there was no way my friend could run the risk of a similar occurrence in the future. To paraphrase Lady Bracknell in Oscar Wilde’s Importance of Being Earnest,

To have a dog bite the postie once might be regarded as misfortune; to have it happen twice looks like carelessness.

Selecting the right post or mail box

He therefore bought a post-box to hang on the wall by the front door. There are any number to choose from, in a variety of styles and colours and made in steel or plastic. Picking the right one from a selection of post and mail boxes needs a little thought, and answers to a few questions will help you select the right one.

• How much post do you receive?
• Does the delivery include newspapers and magazines?
• Is the post box going to be exposed to the worst of the elements, or in a sheltered porch?
• Will you be able to empty it daily? If not, a larger roomier post box might be better
• What sort of property do you own? The post box needs to fit with the design, so if you live in a Georgian town house a cutting-edge stainless steel model might not be appropriate.
• What is your budget?
• How secure must it be?

Factoring in the answers to these questions will help you buy a post box that will give years of service. And as an added bonus, we’ll include free UK delivery on any post box bought from the Safety Storage Centre range*.

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