Why workplace lockers are as important to a building as electricity

The options for lockers at work are probably wider today than they’ve ever been. Not only do they store and protect, but they bring colour and functionality as well as germ-killing power. Safety Storage Centre opens the door to the possibilities offered by lockers – which is much more than just storage.

Work place lockers
In the past few years I’ve seen two good examples of what I mean. The first was a pizza restaurant which came up with a recipe that was very complicated to make, and so took longer to create in the kitchen.The devil is in the detail. You’ve heard the phrase before. Detail is what makes or breaks a design; what makes something practical or impractical.

The second was a company that moved to a sleek new building which won accolades for its remarkable architectural boldness and sleek lines, but had no storage lockers for its users, leaving them with nowhere to store their tools, coats and other equipment.

Two examples; one problem

Two apparently diverse examples had fallen victim to the same problem – a dislocation between designer and user.

Those who had designed the pizza weren’t the ones having to put it together with customers growing increasingly impatient as orders backed up in the kitchen.

Those who had designed the building never had to worry about having lockers for their wet coats, unused work wear or expensive personal tools.

In the former case, the result was a slower turnaround of tables and reduced revenue. That was easily resolved. The recipe was taken off the menu.

In the latter case, the lack of lockers caused piles of clothing and toolboxes in corridors, not only ruining the clean lines that had earned such praise, but also causing tripping hazards and making theft possible.

Why effective lockers for work make buildings function well

Workplace lockers were eventually provided, of course. But how much more effective would it have been to consider the end use in the first place, and have effective storage lockers – in all parts of the building – an integral part of its design?

Would the building have been designed without an electricity supply? Of course not! It wouldn’t have functioned. But without lockers, it didn’t function as well as it might have done from Day One.

Workplace lockers – in any kind of environment – always have something to add to a building’s aesthetic as well as its functionality. Combinations of size, colour, shape, construction material, locking mechanism and intended use mean it’s virtually impossible not to find lockers that offer the perfect combination of form and function for any application. Here’s how:

Unlocking the potential of lockers

  • School lockers: Bright colours lift the environment; child-friendly sizes suit smaller users; easy to ‘personalise’ for the early days at school; less danger of taking the wrong coat home, so fewer problems to sort out for staff; school lockers can be nested to fit as many as possible. Even available with anti-bacterial coatings to control infections – multi-functionality at its best!
  • Garment lockers: Designed to dispense and collect clean and dirty work wear; smaller spaces to store personal items; anti-bacterial coatings to the same 99.9% germ-kill standard as the leading domestic bleaches; manufactured using steel produced in a lower-carbon process; small in-use footprint.
  • Wire mesh lockers: Maximum storage capacity; maximum visibility of contents. Great for situations where multiple users need access to contents that need to be kept tidy; mesh lockers are fantastic for use as retail display resources thanks to their robust yet bright electroplated zinc finish; available with a number of compartment combinations that can nest or stand alone.
  • Sports lockers: Gym membership is fashionable, and the right selection of sports lockers and their interior fittings can add to the customer experience – an important consideration in a crowded marketplace. Combining sports lockers with themed island seating helps, as does the option to select colours to theme with gym branding, or multiple compartments in the same overall locker space. Also made from sustainable steel, and coated with anti-bacterial finishes.
  • Personal effects lockers: Thinking outside the box of locker design has put more versatility into the box. Varying internal widths maximise the storage potential for staff members; separation of clean and dirty clothes is achieved, and they are also available galvanised to stand up to frequent washing down in dirty areas. There are even ‘semi-detached’ versions available, allowing two users to share the same space, but with discrete access to their own things.
  • Heavy duty lockers: Faced with a tougher than usual area that still needs storage lockers? Models are available made from 70% heavier gauge steel than normal, offering greater rigidity, stability and durability.
  • Even general purpose lockers punch above their weight, offered in large and small widths, with up to six doors and in five colours, there must be a combination that will make your workplace cleaner, safer – and more efficient.Visit our full range of lockers here.