Van vaults will defy the thief and protect your valuable tools

We’ve all read the sticker on the rear door of white vans up and down the country: ‘No tools are stored in this vehicle overnight’ – but the amount of equipment in question means it’s as likely as not that the sticker isn’t telling the whole truth…

After a hard day at work, removing a great many valuable pieces of equipment, only to have to re-load them again the following morning, adds time and the unwelcome need for extra effort at both ends of the working day.

But the tools of so many trades in the 21st century are such that they can no longer be carried in a simple canvas hold all. Furthermore, they are expensive to buy and replace, and often represent the viability of the business. The solution is to invest in tool vaults to fit inside your van, allowing valuables to be locked away as safe as they would be in a building.

Everything in our range of effective and low-cost secure vehicle storageVan Vault products is made from the highest-quality materials. There are a number of options available to suit all sorts of applications. Many of them are available with free delivery, and can be with you in a matter of a few days.